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Service     Delivery Time
HTC Super *New Till 2018     1-5 Miniutes
HTC Worldwide *New Cheap     1-30 Miniutes
HTC Newest and Not Found *Latest     24 Hours
HTC Worldwide (INSTANT 24/7) Server     1-60 Miniutes
HTC One M8 50% (Factory Code)     1-24 Hours
HTC 2014 *Latest M8 Supported* ( 99.99% Success )     1-6 Hours
HTC 2009<=>2017 Cheap     10-30 Miniutes

Service     Delivery Time
LG Worldwide Not Found Service     Instant To 60 Minutes
LG Worldwide 24/7 All Level Instant     1-10 Miniutes

Service     Delivery Time
Movistar Latam - Nokia BB5, SL3 and Lumia     24-72 Hours

Service     Delivery Time
Vodafone Portugal - Nokia BB5 Codes     24-72 Hours

Service     Delivery Time
Orange France Generic (SE, Lumia, etc, ) Fully Autometed     12-24 Working Hours
SFR France Generic All imeis Only NCK Code     1-4 Working Days
SFR Lumia 20 DIGIT Clean IMEI     24-72 Hours

Service     Delivery Time
Alcatel New Database All Models     1-12 Hours

Service     Delivery Time
Emporia Worldwide Database #1     2-3 Hours
Orange Vegas, Miami, Dallas, Sydney Codes     1-3 Hours
Pantech Codes     1 Hours
SFR 1xx, 2xx, 3xx Codes     1-3 Hours
SFR Codes     1-3 Hours
SFR-132 Codes     1-3 Hours
SFR-151, ZTE-X632, Movistar-Match Codes     1-3 Hours
SideKick (Calculator)     1-12 Hours
T-Mobile Vairy-Touch, Vibe-E200 Codes     1-3 Hours
TCL Codes     1-3 Hours
TMN 1210, 500, 5000, Script, Easy Codes     1-3 Hours
TMN Codes     1-3 Hours
Vodafone Codes     1-3 Hours
Vodafone Indie, Movistar Onda Codes     1-3 Hours
Wiko Factory Codes     01-24 Hours