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  1. All services mentioned on website are based on speculation, however in any case or whatsoever, delay happens Our Company would not be held liable.


Sometimes due to some global issues orders gone delay, Price up or time up in this case may be supplier cancel or hold please do not push us or make huge debates to cancel order.


  1. We do not guarantee a complete phone using our service, as some times if phone has been tried before and its counter variable gets locked, our provided code will not work and we don't offer refunds as suppliers by that time would have been paid in advance to the service provider in advance, so please ensure these entry criteria before you buy or use our services.


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3: How to verify an Imei & General inquiries?

Our all services have a description before place any order must read services description. In every service we mentioned a verification policy.

For example you are using imei service for iPhone you & your phone isn’t done you must have to provide latest GSX report with all policies( initial activation, Next theater activation, Applied Activation Policy). & if you are using Code services you need to check if description say provide video proof you have to provide video proof 


Usually code will not work as your phone need defreeze code. Do Not Send Any Verification or Force For Refund or Verify in Any Case.”

Then please do not submit any ticket or complain.

Note: if you place any Ticket Complain You are bound to provide all details what they ask to provide do not waste time in just talks or by not providing the details what they ask to provide 

3.1: How to submit a ticket?
  Answer: Please Login to Your Account & use This  “” Link To Submit Ticket.

3.2: How much time to verify an imei will take for reply?
  Answer: To verify an imei, it takes 2-5 workings days.


Note: Saturday Sunday Or Any Kind Of Holiday Included Only Holiday in Suppliers County Not Count as Working Day.


3.3: How To Reply A Ticket?

  Answer: Please Login To Your Account Open this Link “ “Select The Ticket you want to answer


3.4: My phone Not done or Code Not Working What Can I Do?
  Answer: In case of iPhone not done issue please Submit a ticket with imei, order number, service you used & complete GSX report (incomplete GSX report or any other report is not acceptable) only Complete GSX report will be acceptable which includes initial activation policy, applied activation policy & Next theater activation policy, Also if you are making complain for (Clean imeis Only Service) you must need to provide Block/Clean Check Report.

In case of any other brand (Asking code ) Phones You must need to check service description if says provide video Proof or any other proof you must have to provide as per service description.
if Service says No Verification Available Please must contact us at LIVE Support or Tickets.

3.5: How can I cancel my order?
  Answer: Please check under “ORDER HISTORY” if your order is pending status you can cancel yourself or contact us Over LIVE SUPPORT or TICKET your order will be cancelled.

If Your Order is INPROCESS state please submit a cancellation request at ticket we will check with our supplier if possible they will cancel. In case order not possible to cancel by supplier also we cannot do anything.

3.6: Wrong Network or Invalid Imei Or Replaced Imei Oder Or Wrong Model?
  Answer: We do not support wrong network, invalid Imei Or replaced Imei Or Wrong Model in any or code service (Strictly No Refund )

Note: Be sure before use any service you are using correct service according to your device status, Correct Model as per service name or description & Exact Brand as per service name & description.

3.7: What if order placed in wrong network?
  Answer: If your Imei becomes In Process then nothing can be done in terms of cancelling an order. But if your imei will be In Waiting action then you Possible to cancel your order. 

  Note: Be sure before use any service you are using correct service according to your device status, Correct Model as per service name or description & Exact Brand as per service name & description.

3.8: How to get Vip or Reseller prices?
  Answer:  You can get VIP or Reseller prices, if you’ve Imeis in large number of quantity or in bulk quantity.

3.9: How can we check in which service, which types of Imeis are supported?
  Answer: While placing an order, when you select a service, there you can check service details describing every detail about that particular service.



3.10: How to add credits in my account?
  Answer: Go to your account, choose Add Fund option,

Select the Payment you want to use, 

Pay Us & Submit a ticket at website with your username & Transaction Details.

3.11 : How to add fund by MASS payment option ?
  Answer: Click on add funds option > Mass Payment > Enter Amount > Create PayPal mass pay file > Upload file In PayPal mass payment > Paste transaction > Enter (Credit Auto Add In Your Account) and paste transaction id in mass payment and click submit
Your funds will be added automatic

3.12: How to Add fund Gift or Personal Payment Option
  Answer: If any client want to send to gift or personal payment please contact us on skype (Skype id Gsmsalman Or Email At

3.13: What if credits are not added in your account?
  Answer: In this case, submit a ticket in web site with your PayPal (Unique Transaction ID 5DV02655LF7864123) or contact us at whats app +92300-7859995

3.14: How Many day warranty of done?
  Answer: For iPhone Devices Network done we provide 6 Months Warranty for any network included WW services or Relock 

For iClouds warranty period is only 24 Hours after the answer of your order 

For any other Brands once a code is accepted by the device there is no warranty after that.

For Username & Passwords (server Services) Once User Logged in no warranty will be Entertained. Any Manufacturer/Developer can change their policy any time.

3.15: Is Credit Expire?
  Answer: credits do not expire.

3.16: How We Check Which Service Support Which Type Of Model Or Carrier Or Network?
  Answer: Before Make Order Read Service Description (if you not read and make order & something goes wrong GsmFastest is not responsible) Please Read & Follow Service’s Description, Names & Delivery Time Before use any service.

3.17: How To Check IPhone Locked or done?
  Answer: Example - Next Tether: US Sprint/MVNO CSIM Locked Policy (It’s Locked From Sprint USA)
Next Tether: done. (It’s done)
Next Tether: 2303 Multi-Mode done (it’s done)

3.18: If Locked From Which Network Or Mobile Carrier Provider ?

  Answer: Example - Next Tether: US Sprint/MVNO CSIM Locked Policy (it’s Locked From Sprint Usa) 
You Can Send In GSX Or IPhone Network Finder Service For Check Your IPhone Imei.


If you do not agree to our Terms & Conditions and End User License Agreement, please do not place order with us.


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